Scalp  and Hair Care

Jetop is a state-of-the-art scalp cleansing and solution delivery system based on jet aviation technology principles.
As natural as air and water, Jetop allows targeted delivery of enriched solutions that can aid in reducing the rate of hair loss and in some cases may prevent hair loss.
The Jetop scalp care experience is pleasant and soothing, offering a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Jetop Scalp Cleansing Promotes Healthy Hair

The unique Jetop micro-jet cleansing method uses all natural air and liquid to achieve optimal cleansing,
ridding the scalp of dead skin cells, excess oils, sweat and grime.
Jetop scalp cleansing leaves a fresh, clean scalp to help achieve lush and glowing hair.

Jetop Scalp Care May Prevent Hair Loss

Proper scalp hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy hair growth and contributes to the prevention of additional hair loss.
Targeted hydro cleansing unclogs pores and may unblock hair growth.
Removal of dead skin, cells and dirt from the scalp can also promote hair growth.
And cleaning the scalp and enhancing circulation prepares the scalp surface to receive topically applied nutrients.

The Jetop Nourishment Solutions

Jetop offers advanced herbal compounds that are optimized for use with the Jetop system. These herbal solutions contain natural ingredients such as red clover, pomegranate and selected vitamins and may improve the quality of worn out, fragile hair.

Benefits of the Jetop Scalp Care System

Jetop scalp care cleanses and massages the scalp.
Jetop provides an enjoyable customer experience.
Jetop requires a minimal amount of liquid to be used during the treatment. No mess.
Jetop is a painless and effective delivery method for nourishment solutions.
Jetop is suitable for treatments behind hair lines with no harm.
Jetop may achieve good results, with customers reporting high degrees of satisfaction.
Jetop is simple to use and the method is easy to learn.




Beautiful technology!
Outstanding results!


• Fast and fabulous results
• Delivers solutions without needles
• Employing nature's basic elements - air & water
• Exfoliates, hydrates, rejuvenates
• Fast return on investment

Fast results, painless

Jet-M is a professional skin treatment system based on principles of jet aviation and state-of-the-art technology. Jet-M offers painless and remarkably effective treatment, with fast and satisfying results. Jet-M is today's most exciting treatment upgrade for skin care professionals.
As natural as air and water- allows delivery of solutions
Imbuing the skin with nature's most basic elements - air and water, the essence of life - Jet-M exfoliates and hydrates the skin. Water or other solutions of enriching ingredients such as nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can be introduced deep into the skin with no need for invasive needles, and no pain or discomfort. The resulting skin rejuvenation is nothing short of remarkable.

Uniquely effective

Jet-M can be effectively used for an interesting range of beauty-enhancing applications: Anti-aging treatments - non-invasive delivery of vital nutrients;
Skin rejuvenation - simultaneously achieving deep cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating; Facilitating effectiveness of other procedures such as chemical peel when used as pre or post treatment.

Compelling benefits - Fast return on investment

Suitable for all skin types, all seasons and diverse range of aesthetic specializations, Jet-M offers a long list of benefits that give a competitive edge to the personal aesthetics professional. Enhances blood microcirculation and induces relaxation. Enables personalized treatment programs for optimal results and patient satisfaction. Ideal to prepare for special events and suitable for facial treatment as well as neck and décolleté.

All this with a fast return on investment.

It's all about giving your patients the best results possible


Harnessing jet technology for advanced aesthetics


The basic principal is simple: MyJET takes liquid or saline,
accelerates it using pressurized air to unique velocities and
with a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets.
The jet-stream of micro-droplets gently and painlessly rejuvenates and moisturizes.
Receiving routine MyJET treatments will result in fresh and younger looking skin.
Facial spots will fade, wrinkles will diminish and scars and stretch marks will clear.
Your clients are going to love you.

MyJet - Beautiful fresh clientele

MyJET is the best non-invasive non-heat skin-rejuvenation treatment.
One versatile system delivering advanced, relaxing skin care with outstanding results.
Whether it is lymphatic drainage, exfoliation or even meso-therapy,

MyJET is changing the rules of the game!

One technology endless applications

MyJET is suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverserange of aesthetic specializations.

Beautiful technology! Outstanding results!

  • Complete set of skin-care applications
  • Needle free meso-therapy
  • Zero skin-print
  • No down-time for the patient
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Cost effective with fast ROI
  • Differentiates your clinic


Outstanding results can be achieved using only natural resources and non-invasive Jetechnology.

The jet-stream of micro-droplets gently and painlessly touches the skin. The result is skin rejuvenation, facial deep cleansing (pores, comedones) and moisturizing.


JetPeel-Mini treatments will result in a fresh and youthful appearance.

 laserwelt tav tech jetpeel-mini front 1



Changing the rules of the game!


JETPEELTM-3V is an advanced aesthetic treatment
device that allows practitioners to administer a range
of non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures with outstanding results.
From lymphatic drainage through exfoliation
to needle-free sub-dermal therapy,

JETPEELTM-3V is redefining the rules of the game!

One Technology endless applications

JETPEELTM-3V is suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a diverse range of aesthetic specializations.

A Revolution in skin-care devices

The physics behind it is simple: JETPEEL takes water or saline,
accelerates it using pressurized air, or medical gas,
to supersonic velocities and with
a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into
The kinetic energy of the micro-droplets gently and painlessly exfoliates the outer layer of the epidermis.
The jet stretches the skin at the point of
contact, causing barophoresis, which means that micro-canals in the
epidermis broaden and allow for hydration, cleansing and needle-free,
effective transcutaneous supplementation.

JETPEEL is versatile, simple to operate and offers an attractive ROI making it the popular tool of choice for professional practitioners

Revolutionary, no-invasive skin-care technology!

  • A range of versatile and clinically effective procedures
  • Needle free transcutaneous supplementation
  • Zero skin-printMinimum irritation and no patient down-time
  • Simple to operate and train
  • Cost effective with fast ROI
  • Differentiates your clinic





 Blue line 

Variety of handpieces for wide range of applications


With 3 specially designed nozzles and patented Jet stream architecture,
this state of the art Handpiece is one of the secrets behind the efficacy
of the jet skin-care technology.
The Triple is the perfect tool for most face Jet treatments.


With a unique single nozzle this Handpiece is the world's first
noninvasive trans-dermal device!
The Magic Handpiece enables mesotherapy,
trans-dermal solution delivery
and real, effective anti-wrinkle treatments.