Scalp  and Hair Care

Jetop is a state-of-the-art scalp cleansing and solution delivery system based on jet aviation technology principles.
As natural as air and water, Jetop allows targeted delivery of enriched solutions that can aid in reducing the rate of hair loss and in some cases may prevent hair loss.
The Jetop scalp care experience is pleasant and soothing, offering a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Jetop Scalp Cleansing Promotes Healthy Hair

The unique Jetop micro-jet cleansing method uses all natural air and liquid to achieve optimal cleansing,
ridding the scalp of dead skin cells, excess oils, sweat and grime.
Jetop scalp cleansing leaves a fresh, clean scalp to help achieve lush and glowing hair.

Jetop Scalp Care May Prevent Hair Loss

Proper scalp hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy hair growth and contributes to the prevention of additional hair loss.
Targeted hydro cleansing unclogs pores and may unblock hair growth.
Removal of dead skin, cells and dirt from the scalp can also promote hair growth.
And cleaning the scalp and enhancing circulation prepares the scalp surface to receive topically applied nutrients.

The Jetop Nourishment Solutions

Jetop offers advanced herbal compounds that are optimized for use with the Jetop system. These herbal solutions contain natural ingredients such as red clover, pomegranate and selected vitamins and may improve the quality of worn out, fragile hair.

Benefits of the Jetop Scalp Care System

Jetop scalp care cleanses and massages the scalp.
Jetop provides an enjoyable customer experience.
Jetop requires a minimal amount of liquid to be used during the treatment. No mess.
Jetop is a painless and effective delivery method for nourishment solutions.
Jetop is suitable for treatments behind hair lines with no harm.
Jetop may achieve good results, with customers reporting high degrees of satisfaction.
Jetop is simple to use and the method is easy to learn.