JetPeel™ is a world-first approach to transdermal treatment that takes aesthetic and dermatological care to new heights of excellence and comfort. Based on jet propulsion technology adapted to the needs of modern skin care, JetPeel uses fine misty jet streams of high velocity liquid traveling at subsonic speeds. Applied to the skin, these powerful jet streams create microchannels to facilitate deep subdermal delivery, with no needles, no incisions, no skin breakage, and no pain. It is 100% non-invasive and comfortable, providing the patient with an unexpectedly relaxing treatment that requires no recovery or healing and delivers visible same-day results.


JetPeel technology is available in a range of devices and delivery systems, suitable for the treatment of aesthetic, cosmetic, dermatological and other medical treatments.

The signature JetPeel aesthetic device, suitable for use in advanced beauty salons, spas, and aesthetic clinics.

The signature JetPeel aesthetic device, suitable for use in advanced beauty salons, spas, and aesthetic clinics.



The Magic handpiece is a single nozzle design, ideal for use in narrow areas, such as various parts of the face, mesotherapy and anti-wrinkle treatments.


The Single handpiece is a larger single nozzle design, ideal for mesotherapy and applications of solutions with higher viscosity.

Prestige plus

The Prestige Plus handpiece features a luer-lock connector, suitable for any standard syringe, includes a built-in air shield, and is designed for sterile, single-use applications. It is compatible with JetPeel 3V.


The Triple handpiece is a three-nozzle version of the Single handpiece design, suitable for transdermal mesotherapy and ideal for most Jet Solutions and treatments.


The double handpiece has a double nozzle design, suitable for transdermal hair and scalp treatments.


The vacuum handpiece is used for removing comedones and other debridement treatments’ and for under-eye drainage massage.



JetPeel sessions are initiated with JetCare Hydro. This gentle water-based solution is formulated especially for the initial lymphatic massage, and to prep the skin for the deeper JetCare treatments which follow.

Renewal Care

The ultimate exfoliating treatment line with AHA’s and BHA’s, specially formulated in various concentrations for the needs of all skin types. Advanced, updated solutions refine the skin for renewed glow and radiance.


Take anti-aging treatment to the next level with Anti-Aging Care solutions, innovatively formulated with different molecular size HA, patented bio-peptides and unique plant extracts to regenerate mature skin and restore the sensation of youth.

Selective Care

Advanced formulas to treat selected skin needs, based on the most advanced materials and ingredients. The Selective Care line especially suits these purposes and includes: growth factor, smoothing, soothing, clearing, lightening and scalp & hair treatment.

JetCare Boost

New and improved booster formulas designed to amplify the power of JetPeel infusions. Each JetCare Boost solution is powerfully concentrated with vitamins or uniquely formulated hyaluronic acid, designed to meet different objectives, including hydration and fine line filling, regeneration, firming and glow.