Jet Detox Water

aunched! Soothing & Purifying Jet Detox Water.
A 250-ml bag containing: Saline Solution 0.3%, Aloe Barbadensis, Sodium Lactate, Ionic Silver
With the novel multifunctional Jet Detox Water, the practitioner performs a deep detoxifying lymphatic drainage prior to peeling and infusion of other agents. Thanks to Aloe Barbadensis and Silver Oxide, added to the formula, Jet Detox Water allows for a very deep cleansing, an antibacterial effect and a purifying action.
Jet Detox Water was developed for both, very delicate peeling (very sensitive skin to which use of Glycolic Acid is not recommended), as well as to neutralize and wash-off Glycolic Acid residues after a chemical peeling.
Sodium Lactate and Hyaluronic Acid enhance hydration and leave the skin smooth, whereas Aloe and Silver Oxide provide calming and healing benefits.


Prestige Plus HandPiece

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 JetPeel had recently won an important European award.

The prize was given at a Gala dinner party in the Hayat Hotel in Vienna last June.

Winning this honorable award is fulfilling, and reminds us of the values and virtues of our technology.

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