About Us

About Us

Better Aesthetic Care, A Better World

TavTech Ltd is committed to the development of advanced medical and aesthetic applications of its proprietary Jet technology, leading the way to a world of more effective, more powerful treatments for a wide range of conditions. At the same time, there is no compromise in offering the highest level of comfort for patients and a pain-free treatment experience.
Serving the world of medical aesthetics, TavTech’s JetPeel technology is revolutionizing aesthetic treatment with a non-invasive delivery system that achieves better results with no pain, no needles, no scar tissue, and no downtime. For physicians and nurses, the Jetox wound management system is the most advanced, yet simple cleansing and debridement application that accelerates healing with minimal equipment and maximum compatibility in any medical setting.
Based in Israel, with a global reach, TavTech continues to advance its state-of-the-art jet stream technology as the future of aesthetic treatment: healthy, beautiful skin, satisfied patients, treatment excellence, and added value – for both patients and practitioners.

Out Values: Past Expertise, Future Promise

These are the values that form the foundation of TavTech’s activities and goals:

  • Trust – We draw on decades of experience and vast clinical evidence to support our claims.
    Commitment – We focus on building positive relationships with our partners and customers.
  • Innovation – We are continually developing our world-first jet technology to advance the medical and aesthetic skincare industry.
  • Accountability – Our dedicated team is constantly working to deliver on our commitments.
  • Quality – We strive to provide premium value to our customers with outstanding products and unsurpassed service quality.

LEADERS in Innovation

The TavTech management team is comprised of industry entrepreneurs and leaders from the worlds of biotech, medical devices and hi-tech. Their unique perspective continues to serve TavTech success through the decades, creating a company that is forward-thinking, creative and rooted in technological excellence.

Ronen Sobel, CEO

Before his appointment as CEO of TavTech, Ronen held senior management positions in several leading medical technology companies and management consulting firms. His diverse professional background covers strategic management and development, industrial management, business development and marketing, and operational management, with a global perspective gained from years of experience in markets across Asia, the Middle East and the US. Ronen has an MSc in Business Administration, Management and Operations, and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Katia Bobova, Plant Manager

Katia’s professional career reflects her extensive expertise in manufacturing and packaging operations and processes in the medical technology industry. With deep experience in enterprise resource planning, production and distribution, Katia is fully focused on delivering operational success that meets the dynamic needs of TavTech’s customer base. She holds a BSc in Materials Chemistry and made the Dean’s honor list at Nazareth Illit Technological College for her studies in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Tamar Brosh, VP Marketing

With an extensive professional history spanning nearly two decades, Tamar has held marketing leadership positions for a range of technology and med-tech brands. With an MBA in Business & Marketing and a BA in Communications, Tamar’s specialist skills in strategic marketing, branding and product positioning have been honed at leading companies in Israel’s world-renowned hi-tech industry.

Elad Zisman, VP R&D

A qualified mechanical engineer, Elad has utilized his broad knowledge and expertise in several engineering and management positions at medical technology companies and startups throughout Israel. His professional background includes management of complex development projects for a variety of industry breakthrough med-tech products. Elad’s passion for innovation and hands-on experience is leveraged at TavTech to advance the company’s proprietary technology to new levels of excellence.

Izzy Bromberg, Director, Wound Management

Izzy has broad and varied experience in the field of product management and business development, holding several senior positions in technology, medical and software companies and startups. His expertise in product roadmaps, go-to-market strategy, market analysis and customer relationship building is leveraged at TavTech for the Jetox wound management device and the global medical community. Izzy holds an MBA in International Business and a BA in Computer Science.

the future is green tech

Not just a leader in medical technology, TavTech maintains a company-wide policy of sustainability that touches every business activity we do worldwide. From our self-sufficient green manufacturing plant to the recycling of water and plastics, and a no-disposables approach in our headquarters and offices, TavTech is proud to take a part in helping build a better, greener world today, and for future generations.


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