Jet your way to innovative skincare

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Exclusive to TavTech, Jet technology is a world-first breakthrough approach to skincare.

The Jet technology utilizes pressurized gas, accelerating it to manipulate liquid into fine misty jet streams using the patented JetPeel and Jetox handpieces. These wand-like instruments, available in a range of sizes and configurations, deliver jet streams to the skin travelling at subsonic speed of over 200 m/s, providing versatile and precise means for performing a wide variety of treatments covering specific skin conditions.

Based on technologies adapted from the aviation industry, TavTech takes non-invasive yet effective skin treatments to new heights of excellence, in terms of clinical results and patient comfort.

World-class capabilities
Jet technology by TavTech has excelled over two decades and will continue to lead the industry under the guidance of the original founders and developers. Training is a key component of the unique Jet systems. Building on the accumulated experience of our staff, we provide thorough training in the use of Jet devices to our customers, to ensure they achieve the best results for their customers.

Our products are continuously tested and improved in real-world conditions, so we can offer the latest recommendations for techniques to use Jet technology in the optimal way.

As a world-leading medical company, TavTech adheres to strict national and international standards and accreditations, including FDA and EU regulations.


TavTech offers a combination of cutting-edge technology jet (transdermal) delivery systems and a rich variety of nutrients and solutions for the treatment of an array of medical and aesthetic conditions.

“From mechanic dermabrasion to transdermal delivery, TavTech continuously meets the needs of the rapidly expanding aesthetic and skincare markets.”


Ecosmos Company

Since 1996, TavTech Ltd has been at the forefront of medical and aesthetic skincare, continually advancing its proprietary Jet technologies and strengthening its product lines for a new generation of skincare treatment.

Utilizing meticulous manufacturing methods and strict QA, TavTech strives to deliver the highest quality, with ongoing testing and clinical studies to validate product efficacy and the technology behind it.

TavTech is proud to serve medical practitioners, aestheticians and cosmetologists worldwide with the innovative JetPeel, Jet Solutions and Jetox systems that are forever changing the face of skincare.